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I Have Solved the Mystery of the Mysterious Heal!   4 comments

So…you know that “largest heal cast” in your WoW stats that is mysteriously the same for LOTS of people, at 8,785,350? The one I talked about in my post last week? The one that was the EXACT same as Vixsin’s over at Life in Group 5 ?

You do?! Great!

Well I happen to know where it came from! And guess what! It’s not a bug…and we really DID, technically, both have that large heal!

(drum roll please!)

So last night we had the misfortune of having a wipe on Heroic Deathbringer Saurfang when one of our paladins went LD at the end of the fight. I had the double misfortune of being afflicted with a mark of the fallen champion at that point and I died. And do you know how much Deathbringer Saurfang heals for when you die from a mark of the fallen champion in his hardmode iteration? A heal that is 100% attributed to you? Well, if you said 8,785,350 you’d be right!


And thus the mystery of the massive heal is solved.

Man…now I feel like Nancy Drew! AFK to find a spyglass =)

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It Was A Moment of Weakness. I Swear!   4 comments

This past weekend I did something that I was pretty sure that I would never do. I became a Twit (I’m so sorry Tam!). Wait…wait, let me explain how it all happened! I swear I can explain it all…I think.

So there I was, trying to bring our guild out of the dark ages that we’ve been in and I set up a twitter account for us. While I was there, I thought “well…why not” and set one up for myself. I’ve often seen pieces of conversations in the feeds for blogs that I follow and I wonder “what am I missing”. So I decided that I would test it out and see how it went…and exactly what I was missing.

Now, I don’t intend to put a feed into my widgets here for the time being. This is largely because I don’t know how much I will actually utilize twitter, or even what to say, really. I don’t know that I have that much to share, and I’d feel bad adding the widget and in a month being all “psych!” if I don’t keep up with it. In time, if I find that I enjoy twitter, and am fairly active with it, I may add in the widget. For now, however, there is just this post (which is greater than 140 characters…seriously I’m really struggling with that limit).

For those that are interested, you can find me @Beruheals

And for those that are disappointed I took the leap all I can offer is this: The Dark side had cookies. COOKIES!

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I Know It’s Not Very Druid-y…   2 comments

But because I am really happy for him, and for the success and blessings that our guild has seen this expansion, I thought I’d give Rimar a big grats on our first Shadowmourne!



Now to see what it can do 🙂

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Waiting in Anti….   2 comments

..cipation. Where is the druid class preview!!!!


*grumbles* waited all day to do a write up of my thoughts on them too!

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Friday Confessions of a Tree   3 comments

It’s Friday. I cannot tell you how glad that I am that it’s Friday. It’s been a rough week. I’ve had a lot of things on my mind. 


Let’s start with the biggest thing: recruiting. I hate it. It makes me cranky and totally stresses me out. I actually told a frenchmen in our raid last night that we could only have one bitch in the raid, and that I had dibs, so he needed to chill out. See! Stress! As a guild, we are very fortunate in that for our progression level we have minimal amounts of turn over. We are also very fortunate that we have a very strong non-raiding rank in which a lot of people don’t have the time to devote to 25 man raids, but love the opportunity to fill in on one or two if we are ever short. It’s really nice because a lot of times we are able to recruit from within the guild, if non-raiding members indicate that they have an interest in raiding. This is seemless, stress free recruiting. 

Right now, I am not engaging in seemless or stress free recruiting. Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s Been Fun, Thanks for All the Pet Biscuits UDI!   2 comments

I normally don’t post a lot of “news” announcements here, but I haven’t seen this announcement get a lot of attention.

Warcraft Trading Card Game and Miniatures Game and due to ongoing discussions, we haven’t been able to provide any clear answers until now.

After long and careful deliberation, Upper Deck International (UDI) will not be renewing its World of Warcraft license agreements with Blizzard Entertainment. We’ve had a fantastic time working on the World of Warcraft brand and feel we have produced some of the most compelling TCG and Miniatures Game products since the turn of the century. Unfortunately, due to gradually declining sales over the past few years and the overall downturn in the economic climate, we have had to make the tough decision to discontinue our World of Warcraft product lines.

UDI World of Warcraft products will be available until the end of March. Upcoming products such as the Class Starter Deck, Wrathgate Booster, Souls of Vengeance Starter, Deluxe Starter and Booster will not go into production.

We know this is disappointing news for all World of Warcraft fans and want to thank players and retailers for their ongoing support over the years.
Being part of such a great and passionate community has truly been a privilege.

We are currently working with Blizzard Entertainment to facilitate a smooth transition as they work on their own plans for a World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.
Further announcements on this transition will follow over the coming weeks.

We will be pulling out all the stops to send off the UDI World of Warcraft lines in style. Look out for special events at your local gaming store with some of the greatest prize support ever and a final opportunity to complete your collection.

Joeri Hoste
Category Manager Trading Card Games
Upper Deck International

Carl Crook
International Marketing & Community Manager
Upper Deck International

While I didn’t actually ever play TCG, I have enjoyed many of the perks provided by the loot cards.  I have a lot of fun and unique toys in game, which many people find silly or a waste of money, but bring me hours of amusement 🙂  After reading the announcement late last night, I decided that I would venture to my local comic shop where I’ve purchased things from pet biscuits to a spectral tiger kitten, to snag up some of the loot cards that I’ve been eyeing but never purchased.  I just wanted to give others like me out there a heads up, so that you can snag up anything you may have wanted, but haven’t committed to spending the cash on, a chance to do so before they are gone for good (or the prices jump!).

And now I’m off to drop my foam sword rack in the middle of Dalaran and watch the hilarity that ensues!

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Getting GRID Ready for ICC’s Frostwing Halls   12 comments

The newest wing of ICC releases today, and with it the healing fight!  Woooooooooo!  Eat your heart out DPS, a fight that is finally NOT about you!  Needless to say, I am really looking forward to it 🙂

As always, In my efforts to prepare for the new encounters, I will again be adding buffs and debuffs to Grid that I think will help me on my way.  Please keep in mind that this is all speculative at this time, so you should be flexible and amenable to making changes to your raid frames as you learn new things about the encounters. I will try to update mine as I experience the encounters and have feedback to add. (Again, I’d like to refer you to Kae’s excellent walkthrough on adding debuffs to GRID, if you need assistance with adding debuffs).  Also please keep in mind these are largely healer-centric!

Valithria Dreamwalker – Because this fight is very healer-centric, there isn’t a whole lot going on that needs to be cleansed, cured, etc.  But I did come across a few things that you may want to consider adding in.

  • Emerald Force – This one is probably more important for raid leaders to know about.  This one may also be a “buff” and not a “debuff”.  This is what your healers will receive in the emerald dream phase (after taking the portal).  They will get it from breaking the clouds.  It allows them to regenerate 200 mana every 3 seconds, increases their damage done by 10% and increases their healing done by 10%.  It will stack up to 20 times and lasts for 35 seconds.
  • Corrosion – This is going to be a DoT that is caused by the blistering zombies.  Those affected will suffer 2500 nature damage every 3 seconds and their armor will be reduced by 10%.  This can stack up on a player up to 5 times!  I suspect that it will be cleansable, but I am not certain.  Either way, we need to be aware of it!
  • Lay Waste – This will be caused by the blazing skeletons, if they are not killed quickly enough, and I’m not entirely certain that it is a debuff that can be tracked at all.  However, it does significant damage (~6k every 2 seconds for 12 seconds).  I believe that it is going to be a buff that the actual mob receives.
  • Gut Spray – This is a nasty debuff given by the Gluttonous Abominations.  It is a conal effect that will cause ~3k nature damage every 3 seconds and increases physical damage taken by 25% for 12 seconds.  This should be a debuff that is only on your tanks, and will be something that their healers need to be aware of dealing with.  However…with beacons from paladins healing Valithria, it likely going to be a non-issue while those healers are active and not in the emerald dream.
  • Acid Burst – Simalarly to Lay Waster, I am not sure if this is something that is going to be trackable.  This is caused by the Blistering Zombies, and it happens when they blow up.  It will cause ~15k nature damage on the explosion, and will cause ~1k a tick per second for everyone within 15 yards.

Sindragosa – The queen of the frost worms….and does she ever look like a lot of fun!  Similar to Saph, Sindragosa is going to have a raid wide aura that will tick for ~4500 damage every 3 seconds.  And druids of the world rejoiced!

  • Frost Breath (?) – This is a conal ability done by Sindragosa to your tanks (or anyone foolish enough to be in front of her!).  It causes 37k-43k frost damage and reduces movement speed by 15% and attack speed by 50%.  It may stack.  It is important for healers to know if a tank is affected by this, and which tank has it (if you decided to two tank her).
  • Chilled to the Bone – Physical dps will be affected by “Permeating Chill” which gives their melee attacks a 20% chance to cause this debuff.  While they are chilled to the bone, they will receive 1k damage every two seconds for 8 seconds.  This debuff will stack, so after they receive say 4 or 5 stacks, they will need to stop DPS and let their stacks reset!
  • Unchained Magic (?) – This causes the ranged DPS to have their spells “backlash” with instability after 8 seconds causing 2k arcane damage to the caster.  Casting multiple spells while the debuff is active will cause multiple backlashes!
  • Backlash (?) –  While I think it is OK to just track chilled to the bone for the melee and not the permeating chill itself, the mechanics of the caster debuff seem to favor knowing when someone has unchained magic, as opposed to backlash.  But I am not positive on that, and I am also not positive that backlash will show in GRID.  I will probably add both my first night looking at her, and then remove what I feel is not needed. 
  • Frost Beacon – This will be important for the entire raid to know!  This will mark 5 players with the beacon and after 7 seconds they will be Ice Tombed (and everyone else needs to be away from them!).
  • Ice Tomb – This will cause ~16k frost damage to the target, and while they are imprisioned they will suffer 8% of their maximum health via “asphyxiation”.  Help!  Need heals!
  • Asphyxiation (?) – I think probably just knowing who is in the Ice Tomb will be sufficient for knowing who is asphyxiated, but this will likely also be an option of debuffs to track!
  • Mystic Buffet (?) – this is a phase 3 ability of Sindragosa’s that is applied to all players within line of sight of Sindragosa every 5 seconds.  Healers and raid leaders may want to track this to see how many stacks people have to determine who is going to need a little extra heal love, and who needs to go stand behind an ice tomb to drop their stacks.

When I have an extra minute or two, I will see what I can dig up in the extremely limited information available for The Lich King, and give my best guess as to what we will need to know for that fight!

I will adjust these after I have had some experience with the fight, and know more about what works and what doesn’t!  And as always, any feedback that you might have from your experiences is helpful, and I will add updates on things that you find.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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