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Ulduar Wish Lists!   4 comments

One thing that we ask our guild to do as content releases is research the gear available to them, and come up with a “wish list” of gear that they would like to see equipped on their character.  We found that this was extremely helpful for people to plan their gear and know what they want from the zone, as it helps alleviated the “I think I want…but I don’t know if I do” that everyone experiences from time to time.  This also prevents someone from requesting an item that they may well just upgrade in a few weeks over someone who wants the item as their best in slot.

No matter what level you raid at, I think making a wish list is a best practice, and I would strongly encourage it!  I do it for all of  my characters starting from the 5 man dungeons forward into wherever they may get gear from.

Based on the current information available to me, I have finally completed my tentative wish list so I thought I’d share it with you!  Read the rest of this entry »

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Monolith is…   Leave a comment

Not Immortal =(

We came in and completely, totally kicked ass through the entire zone…and then one shaman moved out of a void zone and next to a mana blast.  Poof, goodbye Immortal.

While I am really dissapointed that we didn’t get it (again), I can honestly say that it was by far our best effort and people played fantastically.  We went out fighting, and if the patch comes Tuesday, I feel that we really did give it our best shot.  I’m really proud of how well Monolith did, even the one guy that died.  And in the end, I have my Reins of the Plagued Proto Drake to comfort me.

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Azeroth Arbor Day!   Leave a comment

Azeroth Arbor Day

Yay! Keeva over at Tree Bark Jacket is picking up the torch on Azeroth Arbor Day

Everyone should stop on by and enter their submissions!  I know I will be =)

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My First Post!   Leave a comment

So, now that I have everything mostly set up (still need to figure out the whole custom avatar thing!) I figured I start with an introduction.

Who I am:  I am a healer.  It’s what I love to do.  My primary focus is healing with a resto druid but I have healed on all of the healing classes.

What I hope to accomplish:  Really, I am hoping that this blog can be multi-functional. 

 Firstly, I’d like to provide what I hope is a resource to people.  Not just on Druiding, but on raiding in general, and to a lesser extent on guild leadership and management. 

Secondly, I’d like to try to branch out a little more into the number crunching/theory crafting behind my class.  I feel that I have the mathematical mindset to do this, but have always relied on others for information.  I think that I can make an attempt (albeit a meager one) to help provide to the community, at least somewhat, in this area.  This area is also something that I’ve grown increasingly interested in exploring.

Lastly, I’d like somewhere to put out my thoughts and maybe get feedback on them.

So, in short, welcome anyone that happens to venture out this way.   Hopefully you enjoyed your stay and found something interesting while you were here! =)