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Thoughts on Heroic: Heartbreaker with Healing Tips!   6 comments

Last night’s raid was fantastic, and I am still super stoked about it!  We managed to get not only Heroic: Obituary but Heroic: Heartbreaker completed as well.  Now…I’m not so sure that I’m qualified to comment on Obituary because we struggled with it, and like in our 10 man made it by on the skin of our teeth with only 2 vehicles standing at the end (it’s not a Monolith kill if we don’t have a 1-2% wipe first, and if it’s not nail bitingly close at the end!).

However, even though our XT kill was close, and of course, by close I mean “every one spread and and nuke as hard as you can” as the enrage timer was going off, it was a relatively smooth kill and I feel a very repeatable strategy.  We had spent about 3 hours over two raid resets on it previously, so had the basic strategy down, but we were still struggling with people dying during tantrums and being quite aways out from the enrage timer when we were hitting it.  Yesterday we made a few tweaks to our strategy that worked fantastically (and frankly made me feel like a nubcake for not realizing our errors sooner) and got him down on our second pull, first successful heart phase, last night.  So, I thought I’d share my thoughts on how we got it done.

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