Healing Heroic Spine (video guide)
Healing Heroic Ultraxion (video guide)
Healing Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn (video guide)
Healing Heroic Yor’shaj (video guide)
Healing Heroic Zon’ozz (video guide)
Healing Heroic Morchok (video guide)
Healing Heroic Baleroc (video guide)
Healing Heroic Alysrazor (video guide)
Healing Heroic Beth’tilac (video guide)
Healing Heroic Rhyolith (video guide)
Healing Heroic Shannox (video guide)
Healing Baleroc (video guide)
Healing Baleroc 10 Man (video guide)
Visual Learner’s Guide to Phase Two Heroic Ascendant Council (flow chart)
Healing Heroic Al’Akir 10 (video guide)
Healing Heroic Nefarian (video guide)
Healing Heroic Valiona and Theralion (video guide)
Healing Heroic Atramedes (video guide)
Healing Heroic Omnotron Defense System (video guide)
Healing Heroic Conclave of Wind (video guide)
Healing Al’Akir (video guide)
Healing Heroic Halfus (video guide)
Healing Heroic Chimaeron (video guide)
Healing Heroic Magmaw (video guide)
Healing Heroic Maloriak (video guide)
How to Interrupt Heroic Nefarian (flow chart)
Tips for Phase 3 Al’Akir – Why Guilds Will Struggle With Al’Akir
Hard Mode Sindragosa
Healing Valithria as a Resto Druid
Hard Mode Anub’arak (10 man)
Heatbreaker – Hard Mode XT
Hard Mode Hodir
Yogg Saron

Guild Management

Managing a Guild Through an Expansion
The Challenges with Delegating Responsibility
Dealing with Expansion and Summer Slumps
A Look at Guild Management
How to make Guild Bank Money
Advice on Dealing with Guild Conflicts, and what Causes them
Awarding Shadowmourne
Setting Raid Goals
Setting Raid Goals and Priorities
Awarding Val’anyr


Insane in the Membrane
Grinding Timbermaw Rep
All You Can Eat

Weak Auras (Mists of Pandaria Compatible)

Beru’s Resto Druid Weak Auras Exports

Power Auras (NOT 5.0.4 Compatable!)

Shard of Woe and Jaws of Defeat Power Auras
Harmony Power Auras
Beru’s Resto and Moonkin Power Aura Exports – Cataclysm Update
Dannie’s Holy Paladin Power Auras
Kitai’s Prot Warrior Power Auras
T11 Boss Auras
Power Torrent Aura
Resto Druid T11 4 Piece Bonus Aura
Chef’s Hat Aura
Beru’s Power Aura Settings (Pre-Cataclysm)
Dannie’s Paladin Power Aura Settings (Pre-Cataclysm)


Beru’s Clique Settings and Keybinds
Getting Grid Ready for The Throne of Four Winds
Getting Grid Ready for The Bastion of Twilight
Getting Grid Ready for Blackwing Descent
Beru’s Healing UI
Getting Grid ready for Ruby Sanctum
Quatrz Procs
Getting Grid ready for the Frostwing Halls
Getting Grid ready for the Plagueworks
Getting Grid ready for The Citadel
Getting Grid ready for Anub’arak
Getting Grid ready for Twin Valkyrs
Getting Grid ready for Faction Champions
Getting Grid ready for Lord Jarraxus
Getting Grid ready for Northrend Beasts
Pros and Cons to using Grid

Druid Healing

Mailbag: Furor vs Genesis
Thoughts on Nature’s Bounty
4.0.1 Q & A on Resto Healing
A Comparison of Druid Healing
A Look at Druid Haste
Rethinking Living Spirit
The Resto Tier 10 Four Piece Bonus Part One Part Two
Glyphing Best Practices
Improved Barkskin
Rejuv Glyph
Pre-Naxx Resto Druid Gear Guide (Not inclusive of ToC or ICC instances – requires update)


Cataclysm Mana Potions – An Alchemist’s Guide to Restoring your Mana
Learning to Moonkin as a Healer
Navigating the New Community Site/Forums

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