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Boubouille posted confirmation this morning on what will, and will not, be part of 4.0.3a.  I thought that it was interesting enough information that I wanted to pass it on, for those wondering exactly what to expect here in the next week or so.  I don’t think that there is anything that will be a huge surprise to anyone that has been following the Cataclysm news, but we did finally receive a confirmation that the new race/class combos will be live with 4.0.3a.  I’ve reproduced the information for you below:

What is not in:

  • Creating worgen/goblin characters
  • Worgen/Goblin start zones
  • Archeology
  • Professions past 450 (Illustrious Grand Master)
  • Guild leveling
  • Guild achievements
  • Eastern Kingdoms/Kalimdor flight
  • New Zones (80+)

What is in:

  • Portals in Dalaran/Shattrath Removed
  • Class trainers in Dalaran where portals once were
  • New race-class combinations (excluding worgen/goblin)
  • New Gnome/Troll starting areas
  • Changes to existing zones
  • New cata load screens
  • New cata intro cinematic
  • New cata login screen
  • New music
  • City Quartermasters, with rep tabards
  • Bug fixes
  • Class balancing
  • Druids, paladins, priests, and shaman will have their talent trees reset
  • Experience required to gain levels 71 through 80 is being reduced by 20%
  • New tamable hunter pets (Monkey, fox, dog, and beetle, as well as new skins for existing pet classes.)


I’m pretty excited that I’ll be able to get my race change done before December 7, however significantly less excited about the prospect of a talent tree wipe 😦  Is there anything on this list that catches your eye?  Anything you are happy, or unhappy to see go live (or not) with 4.0.3a?

Posted November 19, 2010 by Beruthiel in Cataclysm!, Changes

13 responses to “Just A Quickie – 4.0.3a Information!

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  1. I’m really excited to see the new race/class combos and the new leveling zones be implemented. I started leveling a few things on the Beta and it was so exciting and it really brought some new life to something I swore I wouldn’t do very much, this time around (i.e. level a lot of alts). Right now, I have a Draenei enhancement shaman at level 20 that I enjoy. I have never been an RPer, until as of lately and I’m excited to have her leave Bloodmyst Isle and see a really wrecked up world in front of her.

    As luck would have it, I just re-specced my priest a smidge the other day and now they’re going to refund our points again soon. Awful timing!

    I’m also excited about the city quartermasters and tabards. Now I can those titles and mounts I had been ogling, since I re-rolled.


    • Yes, I think it is fantastic that they are letting us have them now! Although, I did cry a bit when I looked last night and saw all of the new achievements for quests 😦

  2. I like the fact that they are reducing exp required for 71-80, that should make it possible for me to level my shaman before cataclysm hits. I am also happy about the race/class combo changes, tauren pally, here I come!
    I am not happy about the healer classes getting reset, does this imply huge changes?

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  4. I’m actually excited about the city tabards…I’m weird.

  5. Talent tree reset must mean that the nerfs to Revitalize, Effloressence etc are coming with this patch. Oh well, it will be good to get a little practice with the changes before starting to level.

    But having the portals removed from Dalaran is going to be annoying as long the endgame content is still in Northrend. Maybe it’s time to take a vacation from ICC, Wintergrasp, JC dailies …

    • I’m not quite as worried about the portals being removed – we are done raiding for the expansion and I managed to snag Jaina’s locket from one of our shadowmourne caches 🙂

  6. Yay, respeccing… :/ Do not like.

    The greatest thing is the changes to the world. My baby hunter is going to explore!

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