Resto Druid Tier 12 Set Bonuses Revealed   21 comments

MMO-Champion has datamined the Tier 12 set bonuses from the first iteration of the 4.2 PTR that went live yesterday.  Let’s take a quick look at the resto ones, shall we?   (Keep in mind these are datamined from the very first iteration of this PTR – and are subject to seeing some change!).

  • Restoration 2 Pieces – Your periodic healing from Lifebloom has a 40% chance to restore 1% of your base mana each time it heals a target.
  • Restoration 4 Pieces – When your Lifebloom blooms, it instantly heals up to 2 nearby injured targets for the same amount.

Let me give you my initial feedback on these bonuses:  ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz. 

 At first glance, they aren’t really particularly interesting bonuses.  The two piece matches up with the two piece bonuses for all of the other healing classes, and is a mana restore talent.  It will be nice, especially since we should have almost 100% uptime on lifebloom anyhow, but it’s not particularly exciting.  It will certainly be interesting to see how the bonus maths out compared to the 4 piece T11 bonus, and if it will be worth dropping 272 T4 for entry-level T12.

The four piece has potential to be intriguing I suppose?  Except that most druids roll lifebloom on their tank and try not to let it bloom.  I’m not really sure that I see that practice changing much – a 3 stack lifebloom on the tank is a really nice buffer for tank healing, and it doesn’t really seem mana efficient to constantly let it drop off to engage the bonus.  I suppose that there could be clutch times of heavy AE damage that you could time letting it drop to toss out a few extra heals to the melee?  Maybe I could see how there is the possibility of making some interesting decisions there – but it would have to be countered with the mana/GCD cost of restacking the lifebloom on the tank vs. just tossing out a different heal for the melee.  And even then, the timing of the bloom would have to line up just right for it to be effective.

The four piece bonus might be more interesting during ToL, where we tend to blanket the raid and let those lifeblooms bloom.  This, at least, has more potential than timing the tank stack to bloom – but lifebloom would have to completely tick down to bloom before the bonus went into effect, and in many situations I could easily see the extra bloom going largely to overheal, due to the amount of time it’s going to take for the bonus to be activated.  We will have to wait and see what kind of damage firelands throws at us to see if this bonus will have any meat to it, and if it will be worth picking up over other off-set pieces.

While I do think that our bonus is better than the Resto Shaman bonus (another chain heal target is more snoozy than ours – I really hope that gets changed to be something more intriguing), I’m going to flat-out say it’s nowhere near as cool as what priests are getting.  Have you seen this?!?!

  • Holy/Discipline 4 Pieces – You have a chance when you cast a helpful spell to summon a Cauterizing Flame. Friendly raid and party members can use the Cauterizing Flame to be instantly healed for 4625 to 5375. Lasts for 45 sec sec or 10 charges. After using the Cauterizing Flame, players cannot benefit from it again for 10 sec.

I’m sure that they will have their own opinions on these little fiery lightwells popping up all over the place, and the downside being that it puts the responsibility of the heal on the player to click the flame.  But damn, if that isn’t just cool in concept.  I will admit, I’m pretty jealous.

What are your feelings about the new Resto Druid bonuses?

Posted May 5, 2011 by Beruthiel in Druid Healing, Tier 12

21 responses to “Resto Druid Tier 12 Set Bonuses Revealed

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  1. It might be a cool 4pc Priest Tier in CONCEPT, but in output (lol 5k heal w/ debuff) its god awful. Not to mention our 2pc is on a spell that isn’t in our top “preferred” heals. (POH, COH, EoL).

    I applaud Blizz for trying to make our 4pc /interesting/ but man does the math/required execution behind it fail miserably. The reason Lightwell is great is that it heals for a substantial amount over the period; so the “interaction”/”use” is worth it… but 5k and locked out for 10 sec?

    yes, I am QQing 🙂

  2. Ugh, the priest bonus. It’s unique, but having to rely on other people to heal themselves is not cool at all.

    I think the T12 druid bonuses are more interesting than the T11 bonuses, but I still have my doubts about them. The 2pc seems overpowered. Doing some napkin math (which is likely to be wrong), that sounds like 360 mp5 normally and a LOT of mp5 while in ToL. The 4pc I’m not crazy about. It has the potential to be very OP while in ToL, but rather crappy otherwise. Lifebloom blooming and healing 3 people sounds nice, but in reality it’s pretty hard to time it right and often not worth the mana and 3 GCDs you’d need to stack it back up again.

    Also, I’d really like to see a set bonus that isn’t a Lifebloom boost at some point. We do have other spells.

    • Yea – the “please click my stupid little flames” part is definitely a down side. But the fact that you SPAWN little flames is pretty fun!

      I’d have to second that it would be nice to have a non-lifebloom set bonus again 😦

  3. The flavor of the 4pc bonus is interesting, but the timing makes it feel almost random. It would be a lot more intriguing if you could “detonate” your Lifebloom much in the way you can detonate shrooms, so you could instantly top up 3 people after a heavy raid hit or etc.

    In terms of raw coolness, you don’t need to look outside your own class, Beru! When my guild was looking at their set bonuses last night, our joker Boomkin said “GUYS I HAVE A CHANCE OF SUMMONING A FLAMING TREANT” and we all thought he was joking, because that is SO AWESOME. 😀 In my opinion, that is by far the funniest/coolest tier bonus of them all.

    • Yes, the moonkin set bonus is pretty nifty too! I’ll give you that!

      The problem with the resto bonus is that it’s so situational. You really have to have the perfect set of conditions line up for it to be maximized.

  4. Yah cool concept but it’s just going to be this little glowy thing that gets completely ignored, if lightwell use is anything to go by!

  5. My reaction: meh. The 2-piece bonus will come in handy I guess, but the bloom thing… nah.

    I second’s Jasyla’s squee: the moonkin bonus sounds amazing!

  6. Both the 2p and 4p bonus are incredibly strong with ToL, but boring otherwise. Someone recently mathed out that 2P bonus gives us about the same mana return as innervate. That’s pretty sick.

    And the 4p bonus is going to be incredible if you can time ToL with significant damage periods. Otherwise it’s going to be practically useless.

    • Innervate? Overpowered would be the *Wrong* word for it 🙂

      In reality its more like 12000 mp5 (innervate) vs 372 mp5 (2Pc T12)


      2Pc T12:
      If a LB ticks every second, and you have a 40% of getting some mana back then that maps out to about once every 2,5 seconds.

      And our base base mana being 18635 ( that would account for 186 mana per 2,5 seconds, or about 372 mp5 in combat.

      Assume you have a 120k mana pool and 20% of that is 24k – which you get over 10 secs, so thats 12k mp5

      Conclusion :
      2Pc T12 isnt bad, but its not overpowered either. If i had to guess i’d say thatthey did this to offset the 4Pc T11 which ppl have gotten used to now.

      Seeing that other classes are getting similar talents though you migh argue that upcoming content is going to be challenging and that current mana regen levels won’t cut it.

      • You have to amortize the value over a 3 minute span.

        74.54 mp returned per tick of lifebloom (18635 * 0.01 * 0.4), you will be getting about 165 ticks of lifebloom in the 2m30s (150s * 1.1 ticks per second where you aren’t a tree) about 12299 mana.

        While in treeform you will likely be able to get 12 ticks of lifebloom x 15 full-duration lifeblooms = 180 ticks = 13417 mana from 30 seconds as a tree.

        Total mana return then is 25716 mana per 3 minutes. Innervate is 20% of your mana pool, so would return the same amount of mana you need a maximum of 128,580.

        Pretty close to what we have.

        Also keep in mind that when ToL is active you will have 5+ lifeblooms ticking.

    • @Jurik – I think the value of the four piece is really going to depend on the ebb and flow of damage in firelands. I can think of a handful of times that it would be great in this tier of content – but can also think of more where it would be somewhat lackluster.

  7. the priests t12 4 bonus is useless, people have trouble using the lolwell as it is, and people wont be going around looking for them they are mostly busy doing something else in a fight.
    even more i envy the druids 4 set bonus, at least it is useful.

    i will most likely as many other priest go for the 2 set bnus and go for either BiS gear or 2 set holy/dicp and 2 set shadow, the 2 set shadow bonus actually decrease the cd on the shadowfiend and increase mana gained of it, when talented you will be able to use it 3 times or more during a fight, which i deem much more useful.
    ofc unless they change the consept of lightwell completely to some selfcasting smart heal that pulses on nearby members or something.
    so im pretty pissed on how blizz is toying with the priest class.

    • I didn’t say that the priest one was OMG AWESOME – I just thought it was cool and interesting. More so than “lifebloom explosion”, anyhow! 🙂

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  9. The person who did the 2T12 mp5 math forgot to take into account Tree form.

    In a 8 minutes fight, thats 3 use of tree form for 1:30 spent in tree. If you presume that 4 stack of lifebloom are out during each tree form period, thats a whole bunch more mana regen to take into account.

    • You are absolutely right.
      Provided that this stays as it is (we can always hope and keep our fingers crossed) then ToL would indeed be our surrogate Innervate.

      Some quick (and dirty) calculations off of the top of my head:
      Assume you’re blanketing the raid for the entire duration of ToL (31sec) that would be about 15-19 LBs that you can get off (~1.5 GCD – haste).
      Each LB (assume 12 ticks) would give you 372/5*12 = 893 mana over its duration.

      So your mana returns would be somewhere around (15*893 – 19*893) = 13,4k – 17k mana gain.

      (thats *without* Revitalize)

      The big caveat here would be that ppl would have to be healed mind you, it wont do any good on a topped of raid ofc.

      I can imagine Vent-chat now: “eveyone stop healing, im gonna go into ToL for some mana” -hilarious 😛

    • @Kotakh
      I definitely think that the 2 piece is going to be useful, it’s just not particularly interesting. And the downside, somewhat, is that for the next tier of content mana will probably be based on having the set bonus – which means that if you haven’t gotten it yet, you may feel your mana pinch that much more than you would have otherwise!

  10. Yes there is alot of reg in 2set druid, but still, you say ToL and there was a assume that 1 LB for full duration would give 800+ mana, but the LB itselfs also cost mana to put on a target innervate dosnt, and reviatalize has a Eternal cooldown

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