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Cho’gall – beware of his insanity!  To protect Azeroth, we must venture into the Bastion of Twilight to defeat him.  However, he is powerful and has many allies that will stand in our way.  In an effort to aid us on our journey, I have put together a list of the likely debuffs our foes will throw at us on the way.  I’ve sorted out what I think will be useful to add to Grid to help you on your way!  (As always, I refer you to Kae’s excellent walkthrough on adding debuffs to GRID, if you need assistance with adding debuffs.)

Please keep in mind that these debuffs are from my encounter research and best guess, most came from the beta and are not set in stone!  If you get into the encounters and realize that a debuff is different, please update your debuffs accordingly!  I will do my best to keep this post updated as I learn new things from my experiences with the encounters 🙂  Additionally, if you come across anything new, please let me know, so that I can update my lists!  These are not exhaustive lists, and I may have missed somethings. 

Halfus Wyrmbreaker

Please note that the information out there regarding this encounter is minimal, and what is out there is somewhat conflicting.  As such, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of these abilities!

  • Malevolent Strikes –  Throughout the fight, whenever Halfus deals damage to a player, a stacking healing reduction effect is applied for 15 seconds.  It will be important to know who is afflicted with this debuff as a healer, so we knew who will not be receiving our full heals, and subsequently be able to react appropriately.
  • Slate Dragon –  Periodically stuns the raid for 10 seconds, then Halfus for 10 seconds.

Valiona and Theralion

  • Blackout – Will place a debuff on a player that reduces healing, and will cause ~250,000 damage, split between all players nearby, when it is dispelled/expired.  Clearly we will want to be aware of this debuff – and make sure that we plan for it before dispelling the player that is afflicted!
  • Twilight Meteorite – A debuff that is placed on a player that will cause ~117k – 123k damage after 6 seconds.  Damage can be split between all nearby players.  While this cannot be cleansed, it is something we will need to be aware of as healers, to ensure that timely heals occur to those receiving damage.
  • Deep Breath (Twilight Flames?) – Valiona will cast twilight flames on a player causing ~16k damage/second.  This will also send the player into the twilight realm.  However – while the breath is active, it will be important to make sure that the player is kept at a level of life that they can sustain the breath.
  • Engulfing Magic – Mirrors all damage and healing that you do, causing shadow damage to everyone within 10 yards of you for 20 seconds.  Holy debuff batman!  It will be important for the raid to know who is afflicted with this debuff and steer clear of them.
  • Fabulous Flames – Will inflict ~11k damage/second to those standing in them!  STAY OUT OF THE FIRE!  (Note: these may not show up as a debuff on Grid.

Ascendant Council


  • Heart of Ice – Deals increasing damage every 2 seconds – however, the afflicted player can “spread” this to other members of the raid giving them Frost energy, allowing them to do increased damage to Ignacious.  This is dispellable.  Ideally, you probably want to play with this debuff a little bit to work out when to spread/cleanse it for maximum effect.  However, while the debuff is active the afflicted player will need some love.
  • Waterlogged – Will reduce movement speed by 25%, and while they are under this debuff they are susceptible to some frost attacks.  This debuff can only be removed by exposure to flame.
    • Note that waterlogged enemies will be susceptible to two different attacks: Glaciate and Frozen Blood.  You will want to add these to Grid so that can see who is afflicted an how it might affect the raid.
    • Glaciate – In addition to dealing heavy frost damage to all nearby enemies, it will also cause players afflicted with Waterlogged to have the blood in their veins frozen.
    • Frozen Blood – This will cause a Waterlogged player to be frozen solid, it will stun them and will cause 20k frost damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.


  • Burning Blood – Similar to Heart of Ice, this debuff will do increasing damage to the player every 2 seconds, but allies can be passed Fire Energy, which will permit them to do additional damage to Feludius.  Again, this can be dispelled, but you will probably want to time it so that raid members can become imbued.
  • Inferno Rush – This isn’t something that I will be adding to Grid, but I did want to mention it, as the trail of flames that is left after this attack will clear off Waterlogged.
  • Rising Flames – I do not know if this is a debuff that will appear in grid.  However, it will be an attack that will cause increasing damage to the raid, until it is interrupted, causing the raid to require extra healing!\


  • Call Winds/Swirling Winds – Entering the cyclone that is created by Call Winds will cause ~7k damage to the player – however when they leave they will have the Swirling Winds debuff that allows them to levitate off of the ground.
  • Lightening Rod – This will mark one player who Arion will focus his electrical attacks, and will be the initial target for Chain Lightening.


  • Gravity Well/Gravity Core – Gravity Core will be the debuff to note, I believe.  Upon entering a gravity well, you will become grounded.  However, you will gain Gravity Core which will afflict ~10k damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.  You will also call all players around you to be slowed and have reduced casting/attack speeds.

Elementium Monstrosity

  • Gravity Crush –  Traps a player in a bubble, and causes 10% of their life in damage every .5 seconds for 6 seconds.  When they are released they will fall to the ground.


  • Corrupted Blood – Increases Damage taken by Corruption of the Old God by 2%.  Can stack up to 100 times.  Throughout this encounter it will be important to monitor where everyone’s corrupted blood stacks stand as different things occur as the stacks increase that will affect what you need to do as a healer, and what the afflicted person will be able to do as a member of the raid.
    • Corruption: Accelerated – Causes two stacks of Corrupted Blood/second for one minute.  Can be dispelled.
    • Corruption: Sickness – Causes you to vomit, causing ~40k shadow damage to all allies in a cone within 5 yards in front of you.  Will also cause corrupted blood.  This will occur after 50 stacks of Corrupted Blood.
    • Corruption: Malformation – A malformation will grow out of your back that will cast shadow bolts at nearby players.  This will occur after 75 stacks of Corrupted Blood.
    • Corruption: Absolute – You are transformed into a Faceless One.  The healing you receive is reduced by 100%, but you inflict 100% additional damage and all of your attacks are instant.  This will occur after 100 stacks of Corrupted Blood.
  • Conversion – I think that this is a debuff that will be put on members of the raid, causing them to worship Cho’gall.  I could be wrong though!  I believe that it will cause them to become incapacitated while they are worshiping.  It can be removed by interrupting Cho’gall’s cast.
  • Fury of Cho’gall – This will be a debuff that will stack on your tanks causing both pysical damage taken and shadow damage taken to increase by 20% for each stack.  The higher the stacks grow, the more damage the tank takes.  It will be important to monitor the stacks, not only for tank taunts, but also to be aware of when a tank is going to require some extra healing.
  • Debilitating Beam – Reduces healing and Damage done by 75%.  Deals ~5k shadow damage every second and will cause corrupted blood every second.  Lasts for 10 seconds.


  • Right now there is no information available for this encounter!  As I learn more about it, I will come back and update what kinds of things that you may want to watch for in Grid.

Good Luck and Have Fun! Keep in mind that right now these are all completely speculative – and anything could change!  I hope that these help you get started on your journeys, and if you happen to come across something that I’ve missed, please don’t hesitate to share so that I can update my lists above!  Additionally, as stated above, as I progress through the content, I will do my best to keep the debuff lists updated 🙂

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  3. I was wonderign what dps was needed for bastion of twilight all fights

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