Friendly Chef’s Hat Reminder (Power Auras)   30 comments

After realizing that I did OUR ENTIRE RAID in my bloody CHEF’S HAT, I made the below extremely obnoxious Power Aura to tell me when I have my Chef’s Hat equipped.   I figured that I’m probably not the only person to have done this, realized it, and been highly pissed off at themselves for their oversight, so I thought I’d share and save you my pain! 😉


Version:4.9; icon:achievement_profession_chefhat; buffname:Chef’s Hat; bufftype:22; owntex:true; isResting:0; mine:true; y:17; texmode:2

Posted January 9, 2011 by Beruthiel in Power Auras

30 responses to “Friendly Chef’s Hat Reminder (Power Auras)

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  1. Genius!

    I think I will add this for the new cloak that you get from guild rewards (the teleport one!) since I have entered arena a few times with it equipped much to the bemusement of my partners.

    (srsly guys its a new strategy!)

  2. My best friend in game got his chefs hat the first day it was available and wouldn’t take it off, even in raids. He’d say “When someone in this raid beats me on damage I’ll take it off.” That day never came, but he eventually put on his new helm come t8. He min/maxed though and put the Kirin Tor head enchant on it. I later followed suit so we could wear our chefs hats in wintergrasp together. I only forgot to take it off once, and it was on the first pull with a new guild. We were doing ony before we zoned into ToC and someone linked my hat in raid “you forgot to take your chefs hat off.” A moment later someone else asked “why does it have a helm enchant?” “Obviously for when she forgets to take it off.” Good times.

  3. Heh. You know, I’d never though of enchanting a my chef’s hats…

    Anyway, I use a handy addon called (originally enough) “ChefsHat”, which auto-equips your chef’s hat when you open the cooking tradeskill window (and, if you have your helm display disabled) enables the helm display so you can see yourself looking stylish. When you close the tradeskill window, it swaps back to your regular helm (and disables helm display, if that’s how you like it).

    Very handy…

  4. Not bad, could stand to be a little larger and easier to see, though.

  5. 😮
    Thank you! I was so sure you can’t use Power Auras to remind you of items! (Like “don’t go to ICC with the PvP trinket equipped dumbass”.) *happy dance*

  6. If they would make helms we actually liked to see, we wouldn’t have this problem . . . As it is, 90% of the time, I have my helm hidden, and, yes, I have had people whisper me before and say, “Nice chef’s hat.”

  7. Thank you. I’m… embarrassed to admit I have healed heroics in my chef’s hat. I’m glad to know I’m not alone ^_^;

    Yay for power auras!

  8. I’m just impressed that you were healing well enough to not notice for the whole raid.

    • Actually, I wasn’t. My mana was bleeding and I couldn’t figure out WTF was going on. I had just chalked it up to being our first 25 raid, and needing to get used to the mans constraints.

      It was, however, noticeable in my output for the night. Especially when compared to my previous 10s output for the prior weeks. 😦

  9. I have NO idea what you’re talking about. None.

    Annoying Power Aura for missing Righteous Fury, though? You betcha!

  10. Friday on my bear I tanked the trash and the first attempt at Halfus wielding a fishing pole. Oops.

    • Luckily I notice the fishing pole because I can see that on my gear. Unfortunately the hat I can’t, because outside of a very select few helms, I hate the way they look 😦

  11. I did a heroic once with no chest armor on. I still don’t know how that happened.

  12. I am really bad about leaving my dalaran teleport ring on. Much to my amusement, I still out dps everyone.

  13. What a brilliant idea *lol* I could definitely make use of that for my PowerAuras – I have a tendency to forget switching out my PvP trinket (since I never used to wear one – stupid human racial being nerfed.. but yay for us getting it back!)

    I forgot the Chef’s Hat on too all the time.. now I forget to put it on instead.. I’m not sure which is worse 😛

  14. Did anyone else have an issue with this not working? I imported the string above and it created the aura for me but I tested it on a dummy and in a raid and it didn’t work.

    • Hrm – mine pops up straight away as soon as my chef’s hat is equipped. No need to be in combat for it to work, since I want to know before I get in combat that I’m using the wrong hat!

      Was you Chef’s Hat equipped when you tested the aura? My next question would be to ask what version of Power Auras you are utilizing. The last question I’d ask is if you’ve tried reloading your UI or relogging since the import. Sometimes power auras gets hung up, and you need to take one of those steps to get it the import to work.

  15. I am using version 4.9 and I was wearing the hat. Still nothing.

  16. BAHAHAHA … I will be using this for sure, as well as modifying it to include my fishing pole (which really should be harder to miss), and the Stormwind teleport cloak. You know, if Blizzard just made hats a little less ridiculous looking — especially leather helms — this wouldn’t be as much of a problem!

  17. I actually managed to have the Chef’s hat equipped while downing Nefarian, and I came on 2nd on the DPS list. 😀

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