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Ah, a new tier, a new set of nerfs and relearning how to kick ass at your class.  Sounds like fun! I’m going to start Tier 13 with Hard Mode guides, as I get through them with my guild.  However, if anyone has a specific request for a guide on any of the normal mode encounters please don’t hesitate to ask me if I can put one together.  I do have footage of most of the normal mode encounters, and would be happy to toss something together if people feel that there is a need for the information.

As for Heroic Morchok, he’s quite a bit of fun, but can also be a little stressful from a healing standpoint – especially as a druid with our notable lack of burst AE healing.  There is high raid damage that needs to be dealt with fairly quickly so that your raid is prepared to take subsequent incoming damage.  It can be tricky, but it’s definitely possible for you to perform well on the encounter.  Let’s take a look at how I navigated the encounter!

As always, please note that this video is best viewed in one of the higher resolutions.

A Few Tips!

  • How many healers did you take? We used 6, three for each side. The enrage timer on the boss is fairly strict, so unless you have some seriously standout DPS you will probably not be able to take more than 6 healers at this stage in the content.  We used a priest/paladin/druid combination on the left side and a priest/shaman/druid combination on the right side.
  • Tank Cooldowns.  Something that I neglected to mention in the video is that the tanks receive a debuff after each stomp that causes them to take increased damage.  It will be important that the have a personal or external cooldown for each stop, and that the tanks and the healers work out a cooldown rotation in advance.  We even had our ret paladins assisting with a bubble/sac to ensure that we had enough cooldowns for every stop.
  • Raid Cooldowns.  As I indicated in the video, the tricky part of the fight isn’t having the raid survive the stomp, it’s having the raid survive the crystal after the stomp.  This becomes more challenging as Morchok’s life decreases and his damage ramps up significantly.  As such, we found it far more beneficial to utilize raid cooldowns to mitigate the crystal damage as opposed to trying to mitigate the stomp damage.  This opens up a world of possibilities, as the crystal damage is shadow based, making thinks like Aura Mastery and Anti-magic Zone excellent options for mitigating some of the damage.  Similarly to the tank cooldowns, work out your raid cooldowns in advance, and be sure that you have a cooldown for every crystal in the 25-0% portion of his life when he gets really angry.  Once you’ve done that, navigate the cooldowns earlier in the encounter to they are back up again for that last part, to assist with easing the burden on the healing.  We used our raid cooldowns in the 75-50% portion of the encounter, and again at the 25-0% portion of the encounter.
  • Oh god, my mana.  Because of the damage patterns of the encounter, and our noted lack of burst healing, you will find that you rely very heavily on rejuv to manage the healing on the raid.  Be sure that you innervate early and often, and conserve mana when and where you can. Try to line your first innervate up with a power torrent proc for the extra mana – you will have a need for it by the end of the fight. The “ooze” phase is a perfect time to utilize a concentration potion, so be sure to sneak one in during that down time.  (I actually think I missed doing this in the video, and ended up using a normal mana potion as a result – and my mana at the end of the fight kicked me for that mistake!). Additionally, don’t be afraid to set up Hymning with your priest during the encounter either.  The “ooze” phase is another perfect time to take advantage in the lack of healing needed.

Good Luck, have fun, and please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!

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8 responses to “Healing Heroic Morchok (video guide)

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  1. As always nice guide beru I just wanted to question one bit of advice you gave.We actually killed this with 8 healers and we had around 20 seconds left on the enrage. I doubt we have better dps than you, we are an almost guild ended tier 11 with a 5% wipe on Sinestra and ended tier 12 having just killed the first meteor in raggy p4.

    The reason I mentioned it is I often think you actually have a particularly impressive healing team and we found that 8 healers made the fight massively more stable. I don’t think its something people should dismiss completely without trying once to see if they have the dps to pull it off.

  2. Great as always, looking forward for the other vids 😉

  3. Great Guide! Looking forward to Zon’ozz/Yorshj Guides

  4. Beru – I stumbled upon your blog when I searched ‘wow ruins relationships’ in google. I read the post you made at the beginning of this year, and I continued to read most of your other blogs from the very beginning. Your situation was similar to one of my friends. I had gotten him into WoW in which he had introduced WoW to his gf. They did progression end game raids together and she wound up leaving him for one of their guildmates. She got up and moved out to Seattle with him. It was crazy stuff, the first time I ever heard of a Wow relationship.

    I really do admire your true appreciation for the game and your dedication for being an amazing player. Many of your older posts brought back some great memmories for me, as I stopped playing wow before Cataclysm came out. I have recently started playing SWTOR, but I am afraid it will consume my life again. I am a mid 20’s adult with a career, but outside the office, all I would think about was playing WoW. And now SWTOR I have a feeling will be the same. Your blog has been a great read, and I am sure I will look back to reflect on my old WoW days.

    Kudos Again

  5. Hi!
    I’ve always been very inspired by your guides and wondered why there aren’t more people out there doing the same thing for other classes. The idea has been growing in my mind for quite a long time. And now I have finally finished my first video guide from a holy paladins point of view. While I was working on it realized it was much harder than I thought it would be. It makes me appreciate the work you do even more.

    I thought I’d link it here in case you’re interested. It’s a narrated guide to Morchok heroic 25-man. I’ve tried to cover the basic strategy but with a focus on healing. It’s hard for me to not go into too much holy paladin talk, because if there is something I know, it’s holy paladins! But I hope my guide can still be of some use to all classes. I wanted to share it with you, because you’ve been my inspiration.

    I find your guides a great source of information about other healing classes (druids) and it’s helped me when setting up the healing for new bosses. My (lack of) knowledge about other healing classes has been my flaw.

    I play a holy paladin and have absolutely no clue about resto druids, but I still find your guides useful. I’ve gotten a lot of tips and good ideas from your videos. Not only about healing but about general strategy aswell. I copied your strategy for Atramedes Heroic in BWD for example.

    You can find my guide along with some other kill videos in my youtube-channel. Hope you like it!

    Thank you,

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