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Winterspring.  A place that few people frequented, even during Vanilla.  However, I have always felt that Winterspring held a serene beauty about it, and loved the snowy textures that were there!  Although, there were certainly times that I wish Donova Snowden would have done a few of her tasks for herself.  All of that snow made my feet chatter!  And who can forget Sian-Rotam, the great white lion?  How rare was it for alliance to have this beautiful beast, and how many horde were bribed into helping them capture it?

Of course, there is always the memory of herbing in Winterspring as well.  The only home to Ice Cap, needed for Major Mana Potions.  Perhaps that it why I so often frequented the peaceful white hills of the zone. 

There was also one of the best quests in the game in this zone: Are we there Yeti.  I still have my yeti guardian on any number of toons, afraid to use up his charges!  Of course, they added in a tranquil mechanical yeti that engineers can craft for you, so it’s not as much of a concern, but still!  Did you know that at level 60 your yeti guardian could solo Van Cleef?  Well, now you do! 😉

One of the other things that I remember this zone for was my Rhok’delar.  You may recall that I started my WoW adventures as a NE hunter.  I was the second or third person on our server to have this bow, I remember being frugal with my DKP so that I could get our first leaf.   I remember having friends come out and clear my path so I didn’t agro anything, or having them tell people not to interfere and despawn my demon.

 Of all of the demons, this one gave me the most trouble.  When I started this quest, I was a terrible kiter.  When I finished I could kite anything, and was an expert at the jump shot.  It’s too bad that the legendary quests don’t continue to teach you aspects of your class.  For this quest, I remember spending hours in Felwood kiting wolves up and down the road for practice (they were the only things that I had found fast enough to accurately portray the demon’s speed).  I feel that I can honestly say that this quest made me a better hunter.

To this day I still have my bow sitting in my bank.

Another thing that I can remember is bringing groups up here to farm for an Eye of Shadow for our priests benediction quests.  5 or 6 of us would trek on up to the demons and just wreak havoc until one dropped.  I don’t quite remember at what point they had added the drops in up here, I know that you used to only be able to gather the item from Kazzak.  None the less, we generally would have a good time in each other’s company as we tried mob after mob hoping to see one drop.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Winterspring might melt when Deathwing erupts the earth.  I really hope that it doesn’t, but it seems a prime zone for drastic change!  So, what memories have you accumulated with Winterspring?

Posted May 21, 2010 by Beruthiel in Make A Memory

4 responses to “Make A Memory: Winterspring

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  1. Winterspring is without a doubt in my top 3 of all zones. I remember my first time there I was just wandering around listening to the crunch of snow under my feeet. I meandered down a path into a great vally/ditch. All of a sudden I’m confronted with these giant elite ice monsters, or so how I described them at first.

    Shocked at first I looked around and saw there there wasn’t just one, but many that went on and on down the length of this valley. Then one spotted me, I must have gotten too close, so I popped my inta-ghost wolf and hauled it out of there.

    What a rush! Such serene beauty mixed with heart-stopping excitement. Winterspring had me and has never let me go.

  2. My three strongest memories are all fairly similar to yours.

    I was a herbalist on my priest for the whole of vanilla so I spent many hours chasing down icecap for my mana potions which back then I used to drink far too many of.

    Then there was my Eye of Shadow, which I farmed with the help of 2 fellow healing priests and my then resto druid boyfriend into the very early hours of the morning. We had vanquished Majordomo for the first time that night and I got the first Eye of Divinity. We started out with more but one by one they had to go to bed and by about 4 am it was just us healers. Then there was the obligatory call of “last mob, need to sleep” and much to all our surprise, there it was. Half an hour later I was the proud owner of a Benediction which of course is still sitting in my bank today.

    Finally, there was my boyfriend’s hunter quest. He rerolled from his druid in the spring of 06 and had already picked up the improved serpent sting which lead to a few problems. I was there for moral support and to kill any Horde who looked like they were going to interfere. The first time, his health hardly moved, we couldn’t figure out why Artorius wasn’t dying. Kited him all the way to the Felwood tunnel and the demon was still going, turned out you needed to be very specific in the rank of serpent sting you used, it had to be rank 8, not rank 9.

    In general though, I love the colours of Winterspring. Plus the fact that it actually snows every so often makes it one of my favourite zones.

  3. This is Pilf’s favourite place. I don’t think it’s possible to pick three good memories as she usually finds her way here when life is all a bit too much. It seems that when nothing else soothes her, the hot springs do. For which I am eternally thankful.

    It’s he most beautiful zone ever and I’m so glad you wrote an equally beautiful post about it.

  4. I don’t get to comment usually because I read blogs at work and it has to be done through a feed reader 😦 but I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your “memory” posts.
    I’ve been playing the game on and off since launch too and I have really strong memories of classic WoW.

    I never felt that Winterspring got its due since there really aren’t a ton of quests here. You’ve got two grinds here that most people will avoid, Timbermaw and the Wintersaber mount for Alliance. But I’ve always enjoyed questing there for the setting and the fact that it was kind of quiet (of course nowadays all the old zones are quiet).

    I leveled up on a PvP server the first time around and played with friends and family who sadly no longer play. Most of my really strong memories are in areas where we ran into a lot of pvp action. When I think about the characters I’ve leveled more recently solo on my safe PvE server, it is really all just a blur now. No particular place stands out. I guess it goes to show, WoW really is more fun and more meaningful with friends.

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